At Humanitree a holistic approach to student wellbeing is central to what we do. Student voice and agency are amplified through our Student Council. An experienced team of counsellors work closely with staff and children supporting every child's development. The grounds of the school and classroom learning environments provide a practical and harmonious place for children to learn. Yoga, Tai Chi and meditation are developed within the school curriculum in order to help the children develop a mindful approach to learning and living. A chef and nutritionist provides nutritionally balanced meals four days a week, using locally sourced organic produce.





Student Voice

Student leadership is of utmost importance to us at Humanitree. The Student Council works to form leaders that are empowered to make real change. Students have the autonomy to identify issues and engage in worthwhile conversations to implement solutions. 

Selected by their peers each term, Student Council Representatives embody our Humanitree values. We work to impact the school and surrounding communities by engaging in meaningful projects such as:

  • The HumaniSnack Shack a school store, run by the students which funds various charities.
  • Installing a library for a public school. This was made possible by proceeds from the Snack Shack, a whole school book collection and generous parent donations. Students, parents and teachers from Humanitree donated their time and efforts to design this dynamic space, a place where children can be inspired to expand the. 
  • Partnership with a local orphanage.
  • Initiating a scholarship fund for students in need in public schools. 


  • Problem solving to improve playtime interactions.   
  • Student Shout Out Wall”.  A place where students can celebrate each other as they demonstrate the Humanitree values.
  • Planning peer workshops based on social issues that are important to students.
  • Friendship Ambassadors.
  • A lost property initiative to encourage student responsibility for belongings.
Students, staff and parents worked together to stock this local state school library with books. To complete this as a warm inviting space, older students designed and painted murals.