After finishing their reading books pupils have the opportunity to get creative and design and execute a project of their choice about their book.

ITAM EPIC-O Competition

ITAM EPIC-O is a national Business Innovation competition organized by the ITAM university, where students compete as young entrepreneurs to solve real-world problems.

Teacher recording what they do with an iPad

Elizabeth has been effectively integrating technology into her Art Classes in a range of ways. This (published) articles explores one way she has explored and developed.

Hagamos Composta (Let's Compost!)

During Term 2 2021, Humanitree became a part of the initiative "Hagamos Composta" in Mexico City. This environmental project was created in 2017 by Gerardo de Oca in Mexico City and is now working in 7 cities throughout the country to reduce waste and trash through the collection of organic waste to generate compost.