Spring PBL Update
Val Young

Bloom 3


Bloom 3 turned out in their finest for the Grecian Gala to celebrate the end of their project, and what a fine event it was! A truly cross-curricular project, the students learned about democracy in Spanish class and the sports held at the Ancient Greek Olympics in PE. Wrestling was featured at this showcase by some super adventurous students. Our audience was treated to a play at the theatre and some traditional Greek melodies courtesy of the music team.

A huge thank you goes to the Bloom 3 parents who created an epic buffet of Greek food for everyone to enjoy! 
Well done Bloom 3 on some incredible learning!


Nest 1

I can be an artist too

The artists in Nest 1 visited a gallery to learn more about art and see it displayed. They toured the museum to see the art on the walls and then got a chance to create their very own pieces. We can’t wait to see how these little artists develop in the future! 

Nest 3


The designers of Nest 3 created their own toys using everything they learnt about what makes a toy great. This included electrical toys, coding, toys you can push and pull and toys that used gravity. The students investigated the different materials that a toy could be made of and tried these out when creating a boat. They quickly learnt that plastic floated and paper sank! 


Bloom 4

Rocks and Minerals Museum

What an amazing finale to a fantastic project! Bloom 4 created a museum to show everything they had learnt about rocks and minerals. After studying what makes a museum great, they applied it to their own and even included a cave with fluorescent rock formations. It's safe to say Bloom 4 rocks!

Bloom 1

Natural History

Dinosaurs and the life of early man were on show at the Bloom 1 Natural history museum this term. Students learnt about different types of dinosaurs and classified them according to what they ate. They created shelters and tools that would have been used by early man and measured the real sizes of dinosaurs on the playground. What an amazing project!