Echo Day 2023
Stephanie Lundberg

In April, we celebrated Echo Day in Humanitree showing the kids how to help the Earth and recycle in a fun way.

Why did we do Echo Day?

The Student Council wanted to celebrate Children’s Day in a fun way but, we remembered that we also needed to show the kids one of the biggest problems in the world: pollution. So we came up with dazzling ideas to show the children of Humanitree how they can help the world. Of the thousands of ideas that we had, we executed 3: Echo Promise, Recycle Toss and Endangered Animal Lotería. 

Echo Promise

The first activity was Echo Promise in which the kids saw a video explaining the problems of the earth and some solutions. Then, they received a hand cut out of reused paper on which they made a promise to do something good for nature. The hand was then stapled on a gigantic paper hand tree in the Nest Hall for all of our community to see. 

Recycle Toss

In this activity kids got some trash and their task was to sort it by throwing it in the right container. They had to throw plastic in the plastics bin, aluminum in the aluminium bin and paper in the paper bin.

Animal Lotería 

For this final activity, we played lotería! Each card showed animals living in Mexico that are in danger of extinction. The children were able to see photos of these beautiful creatures that are disappearing because of humans. 

We would like to thank all of the Bloom 5 children for taking the time to help with these activities. We would also like to thank all the teachers that helped make this possible, to those who brought the trash for our activities, and those who helped support each of these activities. We hope you enjoyed it! Thank you so much for your attention!!!


The Bloom 5 Student Council Members

Miss Valentina and Miss Steph


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