Distinguishing Between Cold, Flu, and Covid-19
Fiorella Rodriguez

Enhancing Awareness: Distinguishing Between Cold, Flu, and Covid-19

The winter-fall season is characterized by an increase in respiratory illnesses, perhaps caused by temperature fluctuations throughout the day, or because our immune system lowers in the number of defense cells, or any other possible reason. Consequently, it becomes crucial to discern the differences between cold, flu, and Covid-19.

We have been asking ourselves some questions in the Hive & Flight infirmary, after receiving constant visits from students with respiratory symptoms, about preventative measures and awareness among our student community.

What have the students learnt over the years? Do they proactively adopt measures to mitigate contagion and fortify their immune system each year?

Simultaneously, a critical question arises: do our students comprehend the distinctions between these diseases, understand their contagious nature, and are they equipped with the knowledge of necessary precautions if they fall ill?

While it may seem elementary to us, it is essential not to presume that everyone knows and to reiterate these vital distinctions.

There is never a shortage of information when it comes to health!

In collaboration with Hive 2 students, a three-week project during tutor time periods was undertaken to encourage research and the creation of informative posters. The objective was to empower students to share insights about these diseases with their peers and teachers. Astonishingly, these 12-year-olds demonstrated a remarkable understanding of the topics, generating thoughtful questions about the diseases.

The latter part of the project involved recording a video utilizing the Green Studio, not only to disseminate information but also to encourage some values that we promote in Humanitree such as effort, respect, creativity and responsibility. The process aimed to enhance skills related to the recording process, equipment handling, and fostering good communication and teamwork among the students.

Key Findings from Student Research:

  • Influenza vaccination is annual.

  • Both Covid-19 and Influenza require a period of forced isolation.

  • Colds can be caused by multiple viruses, including Rhinovirus and Adenovirus.

  • All three diseases share modes of transmission.

  • While specific vaccines exist for Covid-19 and Influenza, there is none for the

    common cold.

  • The severity of symptoms ranges from mild to severe, with potentiallife-

    threatening risks in the case of Influenza and Covid-19.

In fostering a comprehensive understanding of these diseases, we hope to equip our student community with the knowledge required for informed decision-making, prevention, and responsible health practices.

It is through such collaborative educational endeavors that we cultivate a resilient and well-informed school community.