Nest - Preschool



   Nest    3-5 Year Olds


Student posing in a play tunnel

 Nest is the name we give to the space designed for our younger children. It is where the little ones are nurtured and protected until they are ready to fly by themselves. This part of the school allows children to enjoy a caring, secure and exciting environment. Through play and exploration, they gain the confidence to develop and discover their potential.
In Nest, children acquire the basic skills that prepare them to move from concrete to more abstract ways of thinking.  Through our approach, children explore and develop a deeper understanding of the world they live in and share with others.

Student printing using a stamp in an art lesson



In Nest, we have a comprehensive curriculum where most content areas are taught through Project Based Learning.  Curricular threads emerge from the interests of the children and form projects through which other areas of learning are integrated.  

Students actively learning coordination in PE


Two girls riding bikes in the playground