Hive - Middle School



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Grade Comparisons

USA Grades 6 - 9
Mexico  6º Prim - 3º Sec

Years 7 - 10

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Hive is the middle school section of Humanitree. We strive to inspire young people through new paradigms in education that stretch and challenge students along the journey to become lifelong learners. Students are part of an established learning community that leads to both high academic outcomes and strong personal qualities.
We develop a growth mindset approach to learning, supporting students as they become valued members of the local community and contributors to both national and international stages.
Hive prepares students for Flight (High School) giving them the very best opportunities for success in an ever changing and fluid world. All our courses in Hive are academic, high quality and combine the best of both innovative and traditional curriculums. 



The Hive curriculum is a broad which allows students to discover and engage with a variety of subjects helping students to find their "element" .

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