Humanitree is an inspiring, innovative and fun educational environment. We are a community of lifelong learners where every moment is an opportunity to grow, explore and foster curiosity. Our programmes provide an academically challenging, innovative and personalized education in small class sizes. Through our unique approach, children develop a lifelong passion for learning.




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The Humanitree Team

Teacher and student playing musical instruments together

Our team is composed of collaborative individuals, experts in their fields with a lifelong love of learning; professionals at the cutting edge of education. As an inspiring group of teachers and support staff from around the world, we are dedicated to providing a safe, happy and creative learning environment.



Student writing

In Nest, children are immersed in English, supported by bilingual teaching assistants to ensure progress in their learning. 
In Bloom, Hive and Flight, our rigorous international programme is delivered in English. In addition, Spanish lessons include Mexican history, tradition and culture as a fundamental part of learning.  Starting in Hive 1, children learn a 3rd language (French or Chinese).