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Chapultepec Public School Library Project

This beautiful library was donated to the Escuela Pública Chapultepec on March 4th, 2020. Originating as a vision based on our "Humanitree Values", the construction of the library was led by the Primary School Student Council in collaboration with the Social Action Committee, Parent Association and Spanish Department.

Small hand painted sign which says Humanitree Echo Day

Echo Day is an annual event in Nest and Bloom at Humanitree and represents a collaboration between parents, children and staff.

Bloom 5 Trip To the Lacandona Jungle in Chiapas

One of the most memorable parts of being in Bloom 5 is the trip to the Lacandona Jungle in Chiapas with Kin Camp. The Lacandona Jungle is truly one of the most special places in Mexico, a real jewel; it is home to an abundant array of incredible biodiversity including gigantic trees, beautifully coloured guacamayas and glowing fireflies.