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Our Logo

The first teaching and learning experiences took place under a tree. It is the place where humans have naturally gathered to share discoveries, tell stories and learn from the wise.

The tree symbolises mankind's growth and development. It represents the essence of Earth and nature; it is the image of life and its connections , its links and relationships. The tree's branches rise towards the sky gathering light; its roots go deep into the earth searching for water. It is the home and shelter for many species.

This is the reason we have chosen the tree as the conceptual pillar of our venture and therefore the name: HUMANITREE.

HUMANITREE symbolizes the expansion of humanity's potential, the development of our knowledge, understanding and awareness. Humanitree represents the shelter and care that we give to all of our students. Children's natural abilities, talents and interests will form the root of the HUMANITREE on which teaching and learning will be based.




Tree made from children