In 2011,   Ricardo Salinas Pliego and his wife, María Laura Medina de Salinas, leading philanthropists and entrepreneurs in Mexico, launched a new educational concept called HUMANITREE. The name evokes the tree as the symbol that humanity has used to represent the development of human capacities, such as knowledge and intelligence.  The tree also speaks to us of the connections and relationships among people and between people and their environment and aspires to develop individual potential, based on the concept that with the correct tools, our capacity has no limits.

Under the guidance of the Nest and Bloom (Kinder and Primary) Director, Laurie Stahl, Humanitree opened its doors in September 2011 to 40 students. Humanitree rapidly went from strength to strength and in 2016 the legacy continued with the opening of Hive and Flight (Middle and High school) led by Academic Director, Gavin Judd.

Today, 460 students (and growing) make up a diverse learning community with a significant expansion set to take place in 2021.  It has been established as an Apple Distinguished School and has obtained IBO accreditation at the Secondary Level (IB Diploma Programme). 

Ricardo Salinas Pliego and his wife, María Laura  Medina de Salinas