About Us

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To ensure that each student experiences life as an incredible adventure and as an ongoing learning journey; fulfilling their potential with the skills and attitudes to make the right choices and becoming compassionate and responsible global citizens.


As parents and teachers we guide our children and provide them with the resources and skills they need to understand the world in which they are living and the knowledge to make the right choices .

"You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth. Let your bending in the archer's hand be for gladness".

Khalil Gilbran

Our shared role is that of the mythical archer in Gilbran's poem to cast the arrow towards a greater destint.Today children are more like rockets or spaceships than arrows; they reach further , aiming towards an unknown destination. Through their education we, as their guides, have the opportunity to prepare them for their journey and direct them before their flight starts. However, on this journey there will be choices to be made and problems to solve; therefore we must ensure that our children have the independence and self-sufficiency to achieve a lifetime of limitless possibilities.



Our mission is that children have fun learning and learn whilst having fun in the school of life.

To achieve this we will work in the following areas:

The mind: through diverse thinking procedures, instilling curiosity, reasoning and investigation.

The body: through exercise and knowledge of healthy habits.

The emotions: developing their ability to relate with the environment and with themselves.

The spirit: living daily by the values that we promote.

  • Implement a child-centered curriculum that is flexible and relevant to the increasingly complex and rapidly changing world in which we live, encourage their cultural identity, and develop their minds as a fire to be lit instead of a recipient to be filled.
  • Teach through vivid and real experiences, discovery, team work, decision making and action.
  • Give the children opportunities to make good choices and learn about their capacity to a make a difference.
  • Ensure that the learning environment we provide stimulates children's independence and freedom, where effort and achievement are celebrated.
Student playing a violin